Cessna 182.

Back when we lived in Chicago I earned my “high performance” and “complex” endorsements as a private pilot. These two endorsements allowed me to fly airplanes faster than 200 HP and with retractable gear. I earned these endorsements on a 1978 Cessna R182, or a Cessna 182 with retractable gear. She was called “Large Marge” and was a fun airplane to fly. I liked the speed and being able to comfortably carry my husband, full fuel, and a bit of luggage to a destination in a decent amount of time.

When I joined the flying club here in Arizona I was delighted to see they had not only a Cessna R182 of the same vintage, they also have a Cessna 182 “straight leg”; same airplane without retractable gear. The latter is a newer airplane (2001) and yesterday I went up with an instructor to begin the insurance checkout required for the club.

Due to a Temporary Flight Restriction over Redington Pass, near where the Molino 3 Fire seems to be now under control, we opted to fly to KOLS Nogales and do some touch ‘n goes. We did what we call “air work” on the way down; showing off my proficiency in steep turns, stalls, and the like.

We’re scheduled to go up again in a couple weeks to continue the checkout process. Prior to yesterday’s flight, I had one hour less than the amount needed for insurance requirements.

I’m always a happy guy after a flight. While I’m flying quite a bit this year, I’m never flying enough.