Guest Suite.

I don’t spend enough time admiring the work Chris and Mike have done to make our guests comfortable in their suite when they visit. The guest suite is showing as the “Solarium” on the blue prints. The room features large windows on three walls, with a door out to the roof, which was suppose to have deck at one time.

The previous owner built a makeshift closet across the landing shown in the photo with our “guest iMac”; the closet had a garage fluorescent light, some utility shelves and a makeshift wall to actually mark it as a closet. If you look close behind the back, right hand desk leg, you can see a break in the molding where the wall used to be. After the previous owner put this closet in, they raised the price of the house $30K so we always referred to it as “the $30K closet”. We all hated it and when we did the monsoon related damage renovations at the end of last year that closet was one of the first things to go. The space is much better.

The door that goes out to the deck that doesn’t exist does provide a nice view of the Rincon Mountains and Redington Pass.

There’s also an in-suite bathroom with walk-in shower. Chris and Mike spent many hours painting and such to make it very nice for our guests.

It’s good to know they’ll be comfortable when they visit.