This is Truman relaxing on our bed yesterday afternoon. I’ve noticed that when he’s in this particular pose he can be a little aggressive. He likes to bite my hand once, and then he doesn’t do it again for a while. It’s not a damaging bite, he just puts his teeth on my skin but doesn’t break the skin. Then he retreats and holds his mouth open like he’s breathing through his mouth for a few moment. I suspect this activity is because he was neutered around two years old and he might have a few hormones dancing around in his system and he really wants to grab a lady cat by the scruff of the neck and do more things, but what do I know.

At least in this photo he was in a calm pose. As I type this entry he’s sitting on the window sill apparently trying to push the sides of the window wider and making screeching noises. He’s only loud when the rest of the family is trying to sleep.

We love him dearly.