March 2, 2023

Dear Apple, Part 4.

Dear Apple,

I really don’t know what’s going on with you lately. Your road show Sybil, Siri, is doing wonders with messing up my HomeKit experience on a daily basis, but now we have a new game.

It’s called “let’s change the clock”.

You see, I like my time display on my iPhone to be shown on a 24-hour clock. As I type this shortly before bed, the clock says 21:52. I’m smart enough to know that means 9:52 PM. But I prefer to have my time displayed in military time. It’s just how my brain is wired.

When some new bug resulted in the blurred out mess you see in the screenshot above, I had no choice but to hard power cycle my iPhone. Yes, that’s my home screen, after I tried swiping and moving and turning the screen on and off for five minutes but no, you wanted everything to be just a big blur. Because, after all, It Just Works. Except, you took that reset to move my time display choice back to a 12-hour clock. This morning my temperature displays were in Celsius, even though they’re set for Fahrenheit, and my time display was showing a 12-hour clock even though it was set for a 24-hour clock. And all my HomePods were suddenly reporting the weather report in Celsius. Which I specifically have turned off because it confuses the rest of the house.

I really don’t know what’s going on.

I tried getting rid of that big blurred out mess you see above and I was able to get to this before I had to do that whole hard power reset thing.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just expect to much, like fairly expensive technology to work properly. I know that my next laptop will probably not be an Apple product because I just can’t trust your quality control anymore. And if I’m going to have a mediocre experience I’m not going to pay a premium price for that experience.


Forecasters had predicted snow would generally stay about an elevation of 4000 feet, with maybe a dusting down to the desert floor. I guess we can say 3 1/2 inches of snow is a dusting.

Winds were gusting up to 50 MPH when we went to bed last night and it was raining. I guess Mother Nature had other plans. She’s not happy with what humans are doing to her planet.