Creation vs Consumption.

Since stepping away from Twitter a few months ago I have been slowly scaling back my other social media activities. I don’t use Facebook nearly as much as I used to. Instagram is hit or miss with me; I usually like looking at photos of people doing things in other parts of the world but I don’t really care about reels or other things that make screaming noises, which Instagram likes to do. Reddit has always been it’s only special dumpster fire and I’ve been maintaining my own Mastodon instance, but I follow and drop people there on a daily basis. I usually drop the ones that want Mastodon to be like Twitter.

During my mini vacation I’ve been thinking I need to do more in the way of creating things and less in the way of consuming things on my computer. There’s a part of me that believes the human brain was never designed to consume the amount of information flung at us on a daily basis; I mean how could it? Up until this century we had newspapers and television giving us spurts of news. It wasn’t until the advent of 24 hour news channels and then the Internet that we were given the minutia of happenings in every corner of the globe. I know my head can’t handle that amount of input like it used to be able to.

I find contentment in doodling on my iPad and playing with music and writing. I don’t share most of my writing but it’s a wonderful exercise to engage in getting words down and stories flowing.

I need to create more and consume less. It’s as simple as that.