I’m at RDU airport awaiting my flight to Denver, which will connect me to my flight at Tucson. I’m slightly worried about the weather but I’ll deal with whatever comes up.

I’m enjoying a cup of seafood bisque and I have a sandwich and fries coming along. I’m also enjoying one glass of Sam Adams. I’m eating my large meal at lunch time today so I don’t feel as hungry on the flights.

There are fewer choices in restaurants here at RDU compared to when I was here in 2021. The airlines have rebounded from the COVID stuff but I wonder if the airport services will ever get to pre-COVID levels. A part of me thinks the pandemic was an opportunity for corporations to scale back and stay that way, regardless of the need today.

The visit with Jeff and Mark was very enjoyable. It’d been too long since we visited. Last night I went full geek mode and was able to install a new server for Jeff in about an hour. He was delighted to see that he has secure access to his home from the outside world now. It’s one of my talents. And he’s running all this magic on Linux, which makes me happy and is probably the most secure, and most affordable choice for this endeavor.