January 17, 2023


TwitterDev on Twitter announced today they started enforcing rules about using their third-party API and they may have broken some of the popular third-party apps. I’m not on Twitter anymore. It’s not an awful company owned by a shitty owner and honestly I don’t know why anyone would continue to work there, but to each their own. So I’m not really invested in what happens with the platform. I’m really sick of hearing about it. I guess I am invested because I would take great glee in watching the whole platform go up in flames after a massive data leak and the personal details of every user on the platform somehow made it to the masses.

Anyways, no one knows what the actual rules are and how they were broken because no one knows the rules. In reality, Elon Musk just pulled the plug because he wasn’t getting revenue or data or something and his ass kissing sycophants (I think that’s redundant) are just covering his ass.

If you’re still on the platform, why? All I see are folks crowing about capitalism being awful and we shouldn’t have billionaires in the world (that’s a different debate) but there you are, still using the platform run by an idiot with way too much money. The guy is all smoke and mirrors. He couldn’t even run the 1939 controls that create The Wizard of Oz.

I really wish an insider still at Twitter would grow some balls and just crash the damn thing, but no one will do that because of the required ass licking. So we’re stuck hearing about Twitter every other damn minute because the news media can’t do anything without and too many people are getting their dopamine hits.

I’m not better than anyone using Twitter. I’m my own brand of ranting idiot and I’ll freely admit that. But please, just shut the damn thing off and delete it from your devices.