I’ve always been a fan of the metric system. When I was in elementary school the United States was projected to convert to the metric system in 1980, so we focused on kilometers, liters, etc. and reviewed a passing interest in the imperial units. To this day I ask my husband how many pounds are in a quart and he sighs.

Aviation weather forecasts are in degrees celsius, while we fly at feet above mean sea kevel. Inspired by nearby Interstate 19 and its metric signs (“2 km to Tumacacori”), I’ve decided to start embracing the metric system on my own. The rest of the world uses the metric system, there’s nothing really that special about the United States and its archaic use of rods and yards, and I would enjoy a broader world view. I found this little chart online to get me started on adapting to “thinking in metric” instead of seeing a thermometer read that it’s 20 degrees and I do a conversion in my head (20*2+30=70 for a rough estimate), and I thought I’d share the chart with the class. I don’t remember where I found it, but if I do remember I’ll give them proper credit here on the bloggy thing.