November 23, 2022


We’re fortunate to live in a house large enough for many rooms. I have two places I can call “my office”. During the day I work in what would be typically thought of us the library. It’s on the main floor, has a wonderful view over the front landscaping, and keeps me productive all day long.

Upstairs we have a room that is dubbed “The Observatory” on the blueprints. The house was originally built by an astronomer and the room was designed to have a large telescope mounted, with lots of equipment and a large concrete pad in the shop below the room to support the telescope.

While we don’t have a large telescope, the Observatory serves as a “man cave” of sorts. I have been working on cleaning up the space. It’s in this room that I have my Mac mini setup, along with plenty of room for my flight simulator controls. I enjoy playing X-Plane from time to time and flying when I can’t get myself into an airplane.

The space is enjoyable and now that I’ve organized it better with shelves and the like, it’s more functional. Truman likes to sleep in his cat bed I’ve put in the corner for him. It’s his escape from the rest of the house as well.