Mother Nature is regaling us with cooler temperatures and a sprinkle or two for the introduction of spring to 2022. Seasons are seemingly a little irrelevant here in the desert, if our first year in Tucson is any indication, we basically have “very hot” and “not as hot”, with a few thunderstorms sprinkled in during the Monsoon to keep things interesting.

I’m loving every moment.

The storms have been moving around us today. My lightning detection apps have been indicating lightning nearby, but we haven’t seen or heard anything here at the Desert Compound.

I’m always impressed by weather, no matter what it is and no matter where it is. Even though today is not one of the sunny days we’re known for, it’s a beautiful day.

Looking out of our backyard toward Mount Lemmon.
Looking to the west toward Davis-Monthan AFB.
To the northwest toward the Tucson metropolitan area.
Toward Mt. Lemmon near the entrance gate to our development.