We have two areas of the house where we can walk out on the roof. These areas were advertised as balconies but they’re really not balconies. The roof would need some work to make them real balconies.

Each side of the house has this area and in each of these areas there’s a storage closet and a utility closet, but only accessible from the roof area. The previous owner put inside doors of low quality on these closets and the did not survive last year’s Monsoon.

We had a couple of estimates from local contractors to replace the doors and it was surprisingly expensive. Chris and Mike decided they could build high quality doors for half the price, including buying the tools necessary that we’d have forever. So, they built the doors and they look great.

The doors above are on the East End of the house before replacement. The doors on the West End were in worse shape. The doors below are the replacements built by Chris and Mike.

We are very grateful to have such talent in our home here in the desert. The new doors look great and the guys saved us a bunch of money.