First Class.

As I grow older and more solid in my ways, the more I realize that I’m at that stage of life where I want to live a “first class experience” to the best of my ability. I’m very fortunate to be where I am right now. I have the right job at the right time, we have the means for me to entertain a fairly expensive hobby as a private pilot, and we have been lucky to find a fabulous home in the desert with our chosen family. Not everyone finds their path and for the first time in over 50 years I feel that I am solidly where I am meant to be. It’s a great feeling. Many things have come together over the decades and now my goal is to enjoy this as long as possible.

When my husband and I plan travel I always push for first class. If I can’t be in the cockpit, I want to be as close to the front of the airplane as possible. I work hard and I am willing to delay my retirement a little bit so we can afford this luxury. There are two “first class” focuses in my life: airliner travel and computers. Since Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in the late 1990s and Tim Cook’s continuance and expansion of Steve’s vision, I’ve always considered the Apple computing experience to be the first class approach to technology. Many will scream in contrary to me about this, especially online, but I fully believe Apple still offers the best computing experience available to consumers today, and this belief extended to power users and full blown geeks like me. I try other platforms, often, but it’s like sitting in coach on a Boeing Dreamliner, the experience will get you there but will it be as enjoyable as it can be, that is the question.

I’m writing this blog entry from seat 1A on United Flight 6080 from Tucson to Chicago O’Hare. I won’t be posting this entry until right before bedtime for two reasons, there’s no Wi-Fi on this flight and my relatives don’t know we’re flying to see them this weekend. We’re just going to show up at their doorstep.

I’m writing this blog entry on my 2018 iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard setup. It’s a beautiful thing and since trading my 2015 MacBook Pro in for a gift certificate towards my new iPhone last month, I’ve pretty much adopted my iPad Pro as my mobile computer. It’s fills the gap of no laptop and works brilliantly in that regards. It’s thin, it’s light, and it does what I need it to do. If I’m going to do video editing or graphic related things, I have a Mac Mini at home. The integration is seamless and the experience is First Class.

My life is not a recipe for the life of anyone else. Everyone has their own path, their own goals, and their own future. I’m fortunate to be where I am today and to be headed in the direction I feel that is right for me.

It’s a First Class life and I couldn’t be happier.