November 15, 2021


So my body has decided it’s allergic to the pool. A month ago or so I went swimming and developed a rash all over the swimmy parts the next day. I had showered after swimming, I don’t have particularly dry skin, but I was itchy and it quickly subsided. I went swimming again and the rash came back. I waited a week, tried again, rash returned. I waited 15 days, went swimming for 30 minutes, showering before and after swimming, and I’m covered in a rash again. I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday and it felt like my skin was on fire.

We’ve made no change whatsoever to the way the pool is maintained. Chris and Mike do an impeccable job of keeping chemicals in balance, bacteria at bay, and the water clear. Our pool looks gorgeous. Everything tests beautifully.

I just break out in a rash after swimming. I spent many summers swimming in the Great Lakes 10 or so miles from a nuclear power plant. No issues. I swam in seaweed, dead fish, and god knows what else. I swim in the cleanest pool I’ve seen in a years and I develop an allergy.

And that’s how life works.