Tomorrow we head home to Tucson and I can say it’s been a very nice time in Vegas but I’ve had my fill. We’ve been staying at the Downtown Grand near “The Fremont Experience”. There’s plenty of LED screens, loud music, and people flying by on zip lines. It’s a lot of fun, but I feel like we’ve done it for this trip and that’s all good.

It’s been too long since I’ve done so much people watching. It’s different now than what it used to be. The pandemic changed us all. Politics are everywhere. I passed a Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair who appeared to have Parkinson’s Disease. He was carrying a big poster of President Biden dressed up as a member of the Taliban. Many folks around him were offering to buy the Vietnam Vet a beer. I don’t know if it was for his service or his political beliefs.

And a quick aside, on this trip I noticed gas prices have gone up quite a bit in the past couple of weeks. Someone put stickers all over the fuel pump. The stickers had picture of Biden saying “I did this”. For those that are stupid, the President of the United States does not set the price of gasoline. It’s called capitalism, and gas prices are going up it’s because of supply and demand, not some edict from the Oval Office. Grow up.

I’m going home with a little more money than I brought and we are well under our gambling budget for this trip. We walked “the Strip” this afternoon and had a nice time. The Fremont Street and the Strip are like two completely different Vegas experiences. I like them both, in moderation. Two and a half days have been enough.