October 10, 2021

Remember When…

One of things I like about the Photos app on Mac and iOS is one can type the date into the search bar and see all the photos taken over the years on that date. I’m sure you can do this with Google Photos and the like, and it probably works better than the Apple counterpart (albeit with less privacy) so ultimately this practice is fun for the whole family.

I typed in today’s date and was reminded of a trip to Kansas City. My husband was there on business and I was working remotely (as a digital nomad) and discovering the convention area where we were staying. I didn’t remember much about this trip until I saw this photo pop-up; I stopped into a barbershop outside of Kansas City and got a shave from this barber who posed with me for a Yelp photo. I remember the barber, his name was Jarrit (with that distinct spelling). I also remember he didn’t cut me or slice my throat or anything.