July 3, 2021


So we went on a long road trip. When all was said and done we drove about 410 miles. The farthest south was the Mexican border at Douglas, Arizona. The farthest east was Lordsburg, New Mexico, and the farthest north was Safford, Arizona.

We covered a lot of roadway that went through a lot of rural desert. It was a hoot and a half.

We started out by following Historic US Route 80, which is Arizona State Route 80. US 80 was replaced by Interstate 10 west of mid-Texas, but there’s still plenty of ways to drive the old roadway. ADOT is kind enough to post the route with Historic US Route signs.

I’ve started a small collection of service station uniform shirts. I occasionally wear them when we are on road trips.

Our travels brought us to the former mining town of Bisbee. The area has been rejuvenated as an “arts town”. We stopped for lunch and walked around the quaint downtown. It was a very pleasant experience.

The restaurant was part of a collection of shops in a multi-purpose Art Deco style building. There were knick knacks and doodads from the era.

Overall we had a lovely time. We are really enjoying exploring the desert.