Every week we do a little more to make the new home feel like our home. We’ve settled in quite well, but the little touches help move things along.

I’m actually surprised at how much this new location has felt like home; it feels like we’ve been here much longer than two months. Ironically, there’s still a part of me that can’t believe we live in the desert. Now that we’re all fully vaccinated and getting out to explore more, it’s feeling even more like home.

Our master suite has a front room identified as the “Activity Room” on the original blueprints for the house. We have about 20 different sets of blueprints that neatly orchestrate the evolution of the house, including when they decided to flip the floor plan and build a mirror image of the original version. Our Activity Room is enjoyable for when we want to get away from the noise of the family room or cooking frivolity in the kitchen. Truman likes to park himself on his favorite blanket on the couch we moved from Chicago. He is seemingly so much happier here with all this space to run around in.

Overall I am quite pleased and happy.