May 27, 2021


I love the weather here in the Sonoran Desert. We have an abundance of sunshine, I have absolutely no breathing issues from stuffy air, and I find the warm wind, especially in the evening, particularly enjoyable. Granted, I’m not one for being in the sun, but I find my way to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine safely and without sunburn at the end of the day.

A few folks have spoke about the upcoming monsoon season, and how spectacularly beautiful it is here in Tucson. I’m looking forward to experiencing this. In the meanwhile, he’s a video I found on YouTube, showing the Arizona Monsoon of 2019, in 4K HDR.


I’m always saying how awesome and beautiful Mother Nature can be. Her mood here in the desert is much different than what I’ve experience all my life up north. I still find her moods completely spectacular.