I was asked to not pull wire through all the walls for the school clock collection, so I took a different approach. I’m a bit obsessed with clock accuracy. I like all of the clocks top show the same time; the microwave, the oven, the wall clocks, everything, have to show the same time all the time. I’ve always been this way. Hence, my interest in these old school clock systems.

I wanted to put one of my clocks in the kitchen but no wires are allowed. The sturdy, all metal construction of these clocks from the first half of the 21st century prohibit the use of the Atomic clock radio controlled clocks that are popular today (the radio signal cannot get through the metal housing). I’m always hesitant to convert these clocks away from their electrical roots, but sometimes you do what you need to do.

This clock now has a battery quartz mechanism that synchronizes to our wifi network several times a day. I had the movement shipped from China and installed it today.

I don’t think it’s going to handle Arizona’s lack of Daylight Saving time very well but I’ll deal with that in November.

I’m pleased with the new hands that came with the movement; I needed to trim them back just a bit for the size of this clocks, but they look like they belong and probably other than my obsession, no one will even notice.

I’ll probably convert a couple more of the clocks I have in the collection. It’s not my ideal approach to maintaining these clocks but I enjoy the aesthetics very much so I’m pleased.

Time keeps marching on.