Final Leap.

So the month of March would not be complete without a blog entry about my discontent with the United States’ practice of “Daylight Saving Time”. In just a few short hours, we are suppose to move the clocks ahead one hour so folks that are easily duped think they have an “extra” hour of sunlight each day. The reality is we’re just playing mind tricks with those that are easily fooled, and the rest of us suffer.

Noon is traditionally defined as when the sun is nearest its zenith for the day, but we can’t do that because people won’t shift their alarm clocks in the morning and instead want the clock to order them to enjoy more sunlight in the evening.

The really cool thing about 2021, at least for our family, is that this is the last time we will need to go through this barbaric ritual. In ten days we move to Tucson, Arizona, and Arizona doesn’t participate in this outdated practice. The majority of the state of Arizona stays on Mountain Standard Time all year long .

We will choose to enjoy recreation time in the coolness of the evening instead of shoving the sun to a different part of the sky for no reason at all.