We’ve come to the end of what will probably be the last “normal” weekend (whatever a normal weekend has come to mean) we’ll have in the United States for a while. After this election, no matter the outcome, no matter when the votes are tallied, all hell will break loose.

I have taken Wednesday off as a Mental Health Day. As I made my request I jokingly said to the Director of the organization, “I’ll either be hungover, drunk, or stoned. Of course, I’m kidding about that”.

It might be the best avenue out of this mess.

I am so weary and tired and fed-up. I’m sick of hearing about every outrage that Trump has done or every set of clutched pearls because a Democrat did this. I’m also extremely tired of memes stating the likes of “If people can’t be friends with you because of who you voted for they’re not very good friends to begin with”. That’s just a sign of crass cluelessness, because why would I want to be friends with anyone that will gleefully vote for Trump? The man has lied through his teeth for years, has no plan at all for anything, worked with the Senate to shove through a Supreme Court justice that will probably vote to not only end my marriage but take away a woman’s right to choose, never mind the fact that his policies permanently separated children from their families at the southern border.

I don’t terminate relationships with people because they voted for Trump. I terminate those relationships because they have a very weak moral foundation and lack any sense of human decency or compassion. They are selfish. I have no desire to debate or discuss their reasons for voting for a man that has done all of these things.

And now my blood pressure is going up. I’m going to go off and enjoy what’s left of this Sunday. Daylight Saving Time is over and my circadian rhythm is happy once again.

At least that part of my life is normal.