July 14, 2020


So a couple of days or weeks ago (it’s hard to remember during this pandemic) I told Earl we were done watching “The Mothers-In-Law” on Amazon Prime. While the show can be mildly entertaining if someone in the audience is drunk, we got into the latter half of season one and it just felt like really bad “I Love Lucy” retreads.

But then I got the outrageous theme song in my head and I ended up watching a couple of episodes, finishing up the first season.

And then last night I dreamed about conversing with Kaye Ballard about how I make my homemade pasta sauce. Wild, right?

Kaye was chewing up the scenery of my dream as we talked about basil and oregano and whole tomatoes and I was chewing up the scenery right along with her as I told her never, NEVER, N E V E R put sugar in spaghetti sauce, I put a couple of shredded carrots in there to take out some of the natural bitterness.

The dream was as outrageous and insane as Kaye Ballard’s delivery of Kaye Buell’s lines one the late 1960s show.

And now I’m in the mood to make some homemade spaghetti sauce this weekend.

Family Night.

Last night the four of us got together, had pizza and salad from Lou Malnati’s, and played the Star Trek edition of Catan. The board game was a birthday gift. We’ve been playing Catan for a while now, and having another edition, with just a slight variation in the way the game is played, is fun. It’s nice to step away from the ills of the world and lose yourself in a board game.

We don’t have much physical interaction with the outside world aside from our family gatherings once or twice a week. The four of us decided that we’ll know when the time is right to start enjoying what the world has to offer; we’re not letting “phases” or “stages” decide for us. I mean, Walt Disney World is open, with COVID-19 precautions of course, but we’re not about to head down to Florida to get in line for Space Mountain. We all love our Disney experiences but it seems way too early for us to be joining the masses down there.

I see so many people asking, “when do we get back to normal?”. My question is, “do we really want to get back to pre-COVID-19 ‘normal’?”. Yes, there are many elements of the before I’d like to visit again, but there’s something to be said about spending family night at the dining room table playing a board game. I’ve been enjoying our meals at home. We’ve always eaten at home with a one or two nights out a week, but eating at home on a full-time basis has been lovely. I always check with Earl to make sure he’s not feeling pressured to perform in the kitchen and he assures me he’s enjoying our currently culinary vibe.

Next week we’ll probably play the expansion pack “Federation Space” that goes along with the Star Trek edition of Catan. I’m looking forward to the experience.


Empathy is one of the greatest creators of energy.

Angela Ahrendts, former SVP of Retail at Apple, Inc.

Our world needs more empathy.

This interview with Angela Ahrendts is from 2017, when Apple was launching “Today At Apple” at their retail locations. 2020 has shown us a very different environment from the world in 2017, but I still find Ms. Ahrendts’ energy to be incredibly motivating. Even though she no longer works for Apple, I still find her to be a very inspiring leader. I would enjoy shaking her hand and thanking her for her contributions to the world.