Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of human beings are going to die from COVID-19 before the end of 2020. This is in addition to the 95,000+ Americans that have already died from Coronavirus. This is an unfortunate reality.

The more unfortunate aspect of this reality is that too many Americans have pretty much grown bored with the whole COVID-19 news cycle and feel they’re entitled to nights out at restaurants and bars, nail appointments, board meetings, and movie theatres because that’s the American way! Being able to watch blockbuster movies about killing things in IMAX is a symbol of freedom and no one is going to take away their freedom.

Social distancing is falling apart. Even here in Chicago where Mayor Lori Lightfoot has become little more than a meme with her “No!” stance in a poorly tailored pantsuit, folks aren’t really trying to maintain social distancing as much as they were a couple of weeks ago. My morning walk has become an exercise in frustration as I walk between cars, jump over grassy knolls, etc. to isolate myself from someone walking down a sidewalk, phone in hand, no mask or other protective covering in site, cluelessly schlepping along in their only little bubble of liberty.

I’m determined to keep me and my family and friends off the statistics board of COVID-19 deaths. I used to be focused on doing my part to keep that worldwide statistic as low as possible, but because American society is what it is, it’s now every man or woman for themselves.

The latter half of 2020 is going to make the first half of 2020 look like a picnic. History has shown us, people are talking, but few people are listening.

But hey, freedom.