May 2, 2020


If I can fly an airplane at 150 knots wearing a mask of sorts to keep me and my instructor safe, you can certainly wear a bandanna or mask while walking around the Walmart.

For the love of god, too many people are not being smart.


It’s a beautiful May night in Chicago. It’s nearly 70ºF, the air is calm, the vibe is the closest to contentment I’ve felt in a while.

It’s nice to have spring here in The Windy City.

I haven’t really been too worked up about the lingering rain and cold we’ve been experiencing during this quarantine; there isn’t much we can do outside so why worry about what it’s doing outside, right? But the temperatures zoomed up to nearly 80ºF today and more importantly, I was able to get some time in the Cessna 182 RG with an instructor and continue my training for my high performance and complex endorsements. After not flying for over six weeks I didn’t do too bad today. I still need to work on the landings and do some stalls up there but overall I’m happy with today’s flight and I’m looking forward to going up again next weekend.

Flying with a mask on is weird and very confining, but I’m willing to do that if it gives me access to an airplane.

Now to do something about foggy sunglasses.