Shifting Paradigms.

So I’m using downtime to try the new pointer support in iPadOS 13.4. Well, technically I’m using iPadOS 13.4.1 at the moment, but the functionality was fully introduced in 13.4 and I’ve heard great things about.

The things I’ve heard are absolutely on point. Pun intended? Probably?

When the iPad first came out over 10 years ago, the thought was it would be a consumption device. You’d sit back in a chair and casually watch videos, read book, and browse the Internet. As time has gone on, Apple has decided to push the iPad, and more specifically the iPad Pro, as the next generation computer. Their “What Is A Computer?” marketing push has invited users to push the boundaries of what defines a computer.

Since purchasing my iPad Pro back in 2018 I’ve tried to make it my primary personal computing device and I’ve found that it’s about 95% there. As a power user and developer, the only thing I miss from the experience is being able to tinker underneath the hood at a shell prompt, but it’s not an absolute necessity for me. I still have my trusty 2015 MacBook Pro (the last generation before the butterfly keys made an appearance) and that’s working just fine.

Trying a keyboard and trackpad with my iPad Pro today feels like it’s taking the experience to another level. I’m excited about Apple’s release of their Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro coming out next month and I’m going to be pestering my husband to make the purchase. The only thing that gives me pause about that is the missing ESC key in the upper left hand corner, but there’s other ways to single an ESC on a keyboard (I think it’s CTRL-[).

I’m going to work with this setup today and see if this is truly the game changing experience I think it is.

I don’t often get excited about technology in these times, but I’m excited about this.