December 28, 2019


Earl bought me a digital piano for Christmas. A Casio AP-260, this digital piano features a full-sized keyboard with weighted keys and full pedals. The instrument is sturdy and substantial. It has a bunch of electronic features that I’m just learning, including a variety of instruments, and I am very excited to get well acquainted with it.

When we moved to Chicago back in 2017 I decided to gift the Gulbransen piano I inherited from my grandmother to one of my cousins. I just didn’t feel right moving the piano out of New York State. I missed having a piano very much and I was delighted to open this under the Christmas tree earlier this week.

When I went to college to become a music teacher back in the mid 1980s I was deemed needing “remedial piano lessons” because I could play but not the approved way by the music school at SUNY Fredonia. Apparently I used the wrong fingers and played by ear more than I played by sight reading sheet music. The only available piano class for us remedial students was Tuesday mornings at 8:00 AM. Nothing wakes up the soul like banging out “God Save The Queen” with a bunch of other freshmen that don’t want to be at an 8:00 AM class on a Tuesday morning.

Still unable to really play by sight (though I can plunk out a song if I have to do it by sight, just with the wrong fingers), I’ve decided to start piano lessons on my iPad. I’m trying out the Simply Piano app after watching a few reviews from other piano students on YouTube. After the first lesson I’m already finding playing using the proper fingering makes life much easier for me. I’m looking forward to becoming a decent piano player in my 50s. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I look forward to the challenge. I’m also excited because Earl has decided to work on lessons off of his iPad as well.

I love using new technology this way; the way technology was suppose to be used.

And it’s wonderful filling the house with music again.