December 8, 2019


I had my palm read while visiting Jackson Square in New Orleans. The woman was sitting at a card table on the square, dimly lit by the sparse number of street lights and ambient lights from nearby building. Everything was purple: the cushions on the chairs, her head wrap, her robe. I had a choice of having my palm read or a tarot card reading and I chose the former. She dove right in.

As she told me what she was seeing on my hand I couldn’t help but notice the mystical vibe she had going on with her eyes. While she couldn’t really be categorized as having cleanliness as a life priority, her eyes spoke and conveyed just as much as her friendly, confident sounding voice did. I did notice she wasn’t really interested in dental care either.

As she made her way around my hand I was surprised at how accurate she was with my personality traits and the like. Apparently I am going to live a long time and “keep all my marbles” along the way. She gave me numbers and I liked them. I like the sound of her interpretation of what lies ahead.

At the end of the reading she wondered if I had any questions and we spoke briefly around that sort of thing. Her fee was at scale with my satisfaction of the experience and I paid her what I thought my experience was worth. She wishes me a pleasant evening.

It was a very interesting experience. Hearing her beliefs of who I am made me a bit introspective and amped up some of my determination again.

I’d do it again.

UA 1174.

We are aboard United flight 1174 to O’Hare after a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. According to Captain Catherine we are cruising at FL380 and the air is smooth.

We will be served dinner shortly. I think the flight attendant said something about chicken. She was speaking softly. I’m thinking it may be one of her first flights in the front cabin as she seems to be struggling a bit in the galley and the hot towel was actually sopping wet to the point where my pants are currently quite wet. I don’t mind, everyone has to learn and most of us learn on the job.

We spent quite a bit of time at the brand new KMSY New Orleans International Airport terminal today. From what I read on Wikipedia, the new terminal opened just last month. It has that “so fresh” feel to it. I remember the old terminal being a bit rundown; they were probably due a refresh.

We are currently flying about the clouds so there’s no much to look at out the window. However, courtesy of ForeFlight, here’s our route.

I’m amused by the fact the heating ovens in the galley making whirring noises like a jet engine spooling down. However, we are not losing altitude so all is well.