Rough Life.

After ripping down the shower curtain, liner, and shower curtain rod in the guest bathroom, a guy has to take a break.

And tell me, why do the hoomans keep shaking cans full of coins at me? Rattle rattle rattle. Rattle this.


  1. JP
    Busy kitty, huh?
    It looks like Truman is shaved in that picture. Did he have surgery?
    I find that a squirt gun works pretty well when trying to stop bad behavior. A woman I talked to about this method said she puts lemon juice in the water. I don’t….I stick with plain water. And it works.

    1. Right now we are contemplating a squirt gun and we have a lemon scented mist we spray on things we want him to consider off limits. Shaking the change can at him seems to be working as a deterrent.

      He had surgery before we adopted him. He has a long cut near one of his hind legs. It’s healed up and he had his stitches out before he was eligible for adoption but it’s going to take quite a while for his fur to grow back.

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