The thought of a connected world is pretty cool. As long as the data is not abused (ahem, Facebook), we can achieve some great things in this 21st century if we have data the cooperates across competing platforms.

I’ve mentioned “A Day Made of Glass”, Corning Glass’ vision of such a connected world. Data is accessed pretty much along every surface that has been coated in Corning’s high-tech glass. Touch surfaces are everywhere. Corning focuses on the idea that everyone’s primary computing device is the tablet, and it’s powerful enough to drive larger displays and other peripherals. Used properly, these devices could really make our lives richer.

I’ve always loved the touchscreen mirror shown in the screen cap from the Corning video. There are prototypes and homemade versions available today, but in the real consumer market, the closest thing we have today are the smarthubs that are popping up on the market. Amazon has a couple with their Echo Show and Echo Spot. Google recently unveiled their Google Home Hub.

We picked up one yesterday.

Our new Hub is living on the kitchen counter and I’m finding it pretty cool. Not only can we control our lights and connected sockets throughout the house, but Earl can also watch news updates, I can watch videos from YouTube, we can tell things to jump up on our television from the device, and we can take a look at our calendars and the like.

You’ll notice we are using Google devices again, more on that in a later blog entry.

The key to these technological advances is the open (with appropriate security standards) exchange of data. I strongly believe we should be able to access our data from our devices, regardless of the manufacturer. While “walled gardens” worked in the past, they’re not allowing us to move forward.

We need to make the vision in “A Day Made of Glass” come true. That’s where our future needs to be.