UA 3811.

I am my flight home from Greenville, SC to Chicago. I’m seated in the exit row on this Canadair CL-65. I drew the lucky straw and I have a lap child sitting behind me kicking the seat and making an occasional screaming sound. So much for my planned nap.

I’m suppose to wave and smile. Since I’ve missed my planned nap I’ll just mind my own business.

We are flying over the Appalachian Mountains.

They’re no Rocky Mountains but they’re interesting I guess. I have relatives that live in the mountains and love it. I’m more of a prairies and plains kind of guy. I don’t think any state deserves the nickname “Flyover State”, as there is value in every part of this country, but honestly I don’t feel the need to rush back to Nebraska. That’s the only state in the middle of the country that doesn’t really blow my skirt up. 

I wish I was flying the airplane right now. Any seat on an airplane is an awesome seat, but my favorite seat is up front.

I need to fly more.