August 31, 2017


Across the alley from our patio is a beautiful roof top deck for a local mortgage firm. They have gathering from time to time. From what we’ve heard they’re client parties for new home owners that use their mortgage services. During the week folks from the building have lunch, play table tennis and lounge around a bit.

The space is quite impressive and a wonderful use of the building rooftop. We don’t mind having this activity directly across from our patio, though we do have to remember to wear clothes when we are walking around the condo so we don’t give an inadvertent peep show. We’re not ready to be arrested for naughty behavior at this time. Some people can be prudish about middle aged men walking naked around in front of 10 feet of glass.

We experienced our first Home Owners Association meeting this week. Everyone was friendly and welcomed us to the building. There are several new owners in the building and it was nice to meet them as well. Naturally everyone asked what unit we moved into; they were complimentary when they found out our location. “Oh that’s a nice one!” was a common theme. One woman asked if we liked living directly across the alley from the roof top garden (several units have the same view) and we both remarked that we loved it. It’s a beautiful space that is occasionally populated with beautiful people. Off in the distance we can see the Sears Tower and other buildings downtown.

Who can complain?