I like to think of myself as a responsible citizen. I encourage recycling. I’m respectful in public. I smile at strangers. I try to be a positive influence on the world. I live by my credo of giving more than I take from society. My life is wonderful. I have a wonderful family. I have the ability to pursue my passion of aviation and I have a good career. 

But yet I’m angry.

I go onto Twitter and see endless streams of idiocy from the Oval Office, with seemingly rational people normalizing abhorrent behavior that would resulted in fits of rage if the president was black. The news is a constant barrage of pearls clutching, hyperbole and exaggeration. I still don’t know why I maintain a Facebook account, though I do post on there much more than I should. It’s my own damn fault that Facebook frustrates me. I let it frustrate me. 

The thing is, when I see friends or family defend the sheer stupidity of the Trump administration I just get angry. The fact that a reality start that ran for the presidency as an attention seeking exercise actually became the leader of the free world through the enormous ignorance of the American people angers me. It angers me a lot.

I’m also frustrated that the search for real estate has been reduced to “here’s a bunch of house you should look at on a website, let us know you’re interested.” The Internet has made so many people so lazy and ignorant. Technology was meant to enhance our lives, not reduce us to zombies without a single independent thought.

Maybe I need to go watch a cat video or something.