This past weekend Earl and I attended the services in memory of my aunt and godmother after her 14 year battle with cancer. She was the daughter of an Episcopal priest and was still very active in the Episcopal church in my hometown. The minister was a younger woman who had a joyous smile with a voice and demeanor to match. I felt comfortable in this church and I enjoyed the services for what they were.

When it came time to recite The Lord’s Prayer during the service, I couldn’t help but smile as I spoke along with the congregation. I smiled because the I learned The Lord’s Prayer through the popular song by Sister Janet Mead in 1974. In my head I’m singing the tune while I speak the words along with the congregation.

There are worse things I could have learned in the early 1970s.

The idea of a church based pop tune reaching #4 on the Billboard charts today is nearly unthinkable. Perhaps I’m growing old, but I can’t help but think about how times have changed. I wonder where we’ll be 40 years from now.