So today Verizon announced that they will be carrying the iPhone 4 beginning in February. Existing Verizon customers will be able to pre-order the phone on the 3rd while new customers can start on the 10th. I like the love that Verizon is giving their existing customers there.

I am excited about this. As I have mentioned on and off, I switched from an iPhone 3G to the original Motorola Droid last spring because AT&T didn’t offer 3G service for most of my commute and in the city I worked in. The Droid initially performed admirably; the screen was gorgeous, it seemed quite responsive and Verizon’s network made me happy. Unfortunately, my Droid is showing some premature signs of wear; the sliding mechanism doesn’t stay closed so I occasionally pocket dial or take photos of my pocket during the workday. In addition, the keypad has the habit of stuttering more than I do, throwing random letters in succession here and there. But the one thing that the Droid lacks, in my opinion, is the fit and finish of the iPhone. The software isn’t as smooth on the Droid and I have to work more to use the device. When I was using Linux full-time I hoped that I could plug my Droid into the computer and have it sync up with my music program in Ubuntu, but no such luck. We already know that the Droid doesn’t sync with iTunes without the help of DoubleTwist, but even with that program it should be easier than it is.

I must be getting old in my geekdom, because I just don’t want to mess with syncing these things anymore, I just want it to work.

One of the perks of the Verizon iPhone is the built in wifi hotspot. This is wonderful and something not available on my Droid. I will be able to ditch the extra MiFi card and just use my iPhone for my portable wifi hotspot. Brilliant.

Needless to say, I will be switching to the Verizon iPhone on February 3. I am looking forward to that familiar “home” feeling in my mobile device of choice.


  1. Agree on “just work”. Most of my friends were surprised how I’m not jumping to Android or jailbreaking the iPhone, being geek and all. Thing is, I just want something that’s robust and works, and prefer to keep geek adventures separate.

    With iPhone 4, battery lasts forever, and camera and video recording is good enough so I don’t need digital camera anymore. iOS 4.2 has few annoyances (notification system on Android rocks; also missing home screen widgets), but it’s mature and stable.

    If I could afford it, I’d get Android on the side just to try latest and craziest software additions for my geekasms (like swype keyboard), but I wouldn’t trust it as my primary device.

    1. I have heard great things about Swype and have seen it in action, but I haven’t figured out how to get it on my Droid yet. As I mentioned earlier, I just want to be able to sync my mobile device to my computer in a simple way. One other thing to consider is that I have more faith in a paid service (like MobileMe) instead of an ad supported one, because I really dislike advertising and I don’t completely like the idea of my data being harvested. I know anything I put on the internet can be harvested, but supporting my mobile device in the manner makes me a little nervous.

  2. “I must be getting old in my geekdom, because I just don’t want to mess with syncing these things anymore, I just want it to work.”

    That’s the biggest reason I switched from my WinMo phone over to the iPhone. I loved my WinMo phones. I could hack them and change settings I can’t on my iPhone (short of jailbreaking it), but the lack of a central location to find applications is what killed WinMo for me.

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