The Friday Celebration.

Well today is Friday and there is much rejoicing in my head about this. I am working from home today, which makes my day much brighter. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working in the office, it’s just that I am easily distracted (surprise!) and when I have people constantly jumping in and out of my cubicle with questions, comments, retorts, etc., I find myself losing track of where I was, what I was doing and for that matter, who I am and why I’m sitting at the 1990s styled cubicle desk.

Ain’t technology amazing? I have a Skype account dedicated to my work connection and I’m able to forward my work phone to my Skype phone number and all works brilliantly. I can send, receive and regurgitate email just as if I was sitting at my desk back at the office and all the while I can sit in the comfort of my home office, listening to nothing but Donna Summer playing from my computer (which sits on the other desk) and just barrel through my To Do list that is slowly becoming more backed up than a toilet stuffed with too much toilet paper.

The sun is shining brightly. The lawn is mowed. The weekend looks to be a good one and for the first time in a long while, I’m remembering what it’s like to work while not being stressed out beyond my personal comprehension.

To me this is just one of many reasons to feel celebratory. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend.