I have been contemplating buying another vehicle. The 2005 Acura RSX has been serving me well and is quite comfortable for commuting back and forth to work and the like, but it’s rather small if I want to take more than one person with me. We once picked Jamie up in Buffalo on our way back from St. Louis and I think we had to fold him up to a more compact size in order to get him to fit into the back seat.

I have had my eye on another Jeep.

The thing about buying a new Jeep is that I don’t really like the new body style that they introduced in 2007. It looks a little too modern for me. I know that Jeep has made strides in making it quite comfortable for the whole family, including the introduction of a four-door model, but there’s just something about the new style that doesn’t feel ‘raw’ enough to me. So I have been looking at the last of the older body styles on line. They look appealing and I could see me buying one, especially a Rubicon.

But then I start to wonder why I want another vehicle.

There’s nothing wrong with the Acura. It drives beautiful, is relatively maintenance free and more importantly is completely paid off. The only downside to it is that it has high taste in that it will only sip premium fuel, but it keeps the sips reasonable. Commuting expenses are reasonable given the economy and the price of fuel. And as I mentioned before, I still love it and it feels good to drive.

There’s a part of me that wants to drive off-road. I want to take a Jeep and go up the side of a gravel bed, much like we did when we were kids. I want to take it out on the beach, though right off the top of my head I can’t think of a beach nearby where I can do that. I want to drive back roads, through the woods. I don’t want the worry about my suspension handling the rougher roads.

But when do I have time to do these things?

Our former Jeep is living a very happy life with our friend Scott and it was absolutely the right thing to do to sell it when we did. No regrets there. But I think the next Jeep needs to be something a little tougher and with a used one. But I wonder what need I’m trying to fulfill by getting another Jeep.

I guess I can be complicated.