I was looking around the iPad app store last night and I saw that Microsoft (actually MSN) has an app called MSNOnIt. It’s an online magazine designed for guys, featuring cars, beautiful women and things that guys care about. It’s free so I decided to download it.

I’m a little surprised to say that I actually like it.

The front page of this electronic magazine features a scantily clad Bridgette Bardot which was alright, but once I started flipping through it I found some other interesting things inside: recipes from Men’s Health (much like the recipes in a book my friend dave gave me for Christmas), dating advice, geek and tech toy reviews and the like. Though I have to admit I don’t ever remember reading a Playboy in my life (I’ve never been interested in anything that tame when I’m looking for that sort of thing), I suppose this is like a PG-13 version of Playboy and that you’re actually encouraged to read it for the articles. The software pulls the information in from the various traditional men’s magazine (Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, etc) so if you’re so inclined I say give it a try. You can always delete it and as they say, hey it’s free, so what do you got to lose?