Bullet Points.

My head is a little scattered today so I am going to write a few bullet points of the bloggy things I have been thinking about and get them out of my head so that I can feel less cluttered.

1. I saw a video on Twitter from the set of the new Wonder Woman series pilot that David E. Kelley is producing. After a rather loud backlash on the internet after the new Wonder Woman’s costume was revealed, they have changed the new costume to have the traditional red boots (instead of the planned blue) and, from what I saw on the video, they replaced the latex material with something more like the original costume material worn by Lynda Carter. The fact that they made these changes has prompted me ti actually watch the show should it ever make it to television, because they listened to the fans. ‘Tis a pity the reboot of The Bionic Woman a few years ago didn’t listen to the fans as well, it might have developed into something.

2. I have been buying way too much gadgetry lately as I am overcome by tax return giddiness. I don’t know how Earl puts up with it. I do have a couple of things to sell, including an unopened Apple bluetooth keyboard (like the ones that come with the new iMacs). If you’re interested, let me know.

3. Speaking of Apple, I have tried to love MobileMe but I just can’t. It sucks. Synchronizing is wonky at best and mail support is bested by Google’s Gmail so I really doubt I’m going to renew it when it comes time. Thank goodness jp@jpnearl-dot-com will always work somewhere.

4. While The Weather Channel is predicting “6 to 14 inches of snow” by Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service is calling for “accumulations near a tenth of an inch”. I don’t know which to believe, though I’m inclined to not believe the one looking for ratings, but whichever the case I am ready to lose my shit completely at the thought of more snow. I’m praying for rain. I’ll squirt CFCs in the air if it’ll make it that much warmer. Calm down, I’m kidding, I’ll just have a cow fart or something.

5. I’m ready for someone to tell me that we won the lottery. We already have the charity picked out and Earl and I have pledged 10% of our winnings to it.

6. I am overdue for my annual physical and I’m starting to feel responsible to do something about it. My general practitioner moved from one hospital network to the competitor; it’s my responsibility to coordinate the transfer of my records since I guess they belong to the hospital, not the doctor and definitely, gasp, not me. How’s that easy health care plan working out?

7. I have made a marked attempt at keeping to the speed limit this week and I have an extra quarter tank of gas to prove for it. Keeping it near 65 is where the Jeep is most happy. I slow down for the villages, though.

8. And last, but not least, it’s been a while since I’ve worn just a mustache. I get nods from firemen and policemen in the area but it takes more time to get ready for work.