So today is hump day and if all rumors come true, the day that the iPad 2 is to be announced. In honor of this duopoly of an event, I forgot both my iPad and my MacBook Pro today as I left for work. I also forgot my hat and gloves so let’s hope Mother Nature isn’t given a tub of Chiffon and subsequently becomes cranky because I’m living on the edge today.

I’m writing this blog entry on my iPhone. The experience isn’t awful but it isn’t stellar either. Please forgive any spelling or syntax errors that are unusually weird.

I have mentioned before that I believe in reincarnation and all of that and because of this, I believe in déjà vu. I believe that when one experiences that spidey sense it’s because we are on the path that we were meant to be on and that any recent decisions are making an impact on what lies ahead. Kind of like The Matrix but without the crappy sequels. I have been feeling a great surge of déjà vu today and it has put a smile on my face. I must be doing something right along the way. I find reassurance in this.

I started my second year at this job yesterday and I must admit that feels good. The longer hours can occasionally be a drag but I love what I do and I feel like I’m growing in the position so how can it be bad, right?

So we are now officially in the latter half of the week. I think that’s reason to smile too.

So instead of being a graphic holding a baseball bat with whirring motions next to me, I’ll just be a happy face to make others smile.

Life is good.

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