I have the sniffles today. Actually, I have a sniffle that seems to be coming out of only my right nostril. I’m not surprised at this as this is the nostril that also likes to sprout hair the most, so in a way it makes sense.

The sniffle is visiting because last night I turned up the heat in the bedroom and accompanied this by turning the ceiling fan up to high. I have to have some sort of noise in the room when I’m sleeping or else I am kept awake by the ringing in my ears. Earl’s CPAP usually does the trick but since he was out of town on business the room was mostly quiet until 0430. That’s when our deaf cat (or talented cat, if it is selective hearing loss) decided to sing a tune in the basement studio. It was loud enough to be heard upstairs. There was no applause.

When I arrived at work this morning, one of the folks commented on how cold it was in the building and she went and hunted down the building manager who took the dreaded action of many: she turned up the heat. This disturbed whatever is living in the ceiling vents and ducts and they retaliated by firing off some sort of dust bomb with a mildly foul smelling gas accompaniment, because the sniffle ramped up to several sneezes and a watery eye.

But only on the hairy side. By the way, I do not have hair in my eye.

So now I am sitting in the car at lunch, brilliant sunshine coming through the windows but cold enough to make one declare, “my gosh is it January or March?” I have window cracked open enough to keep some fresh air moving and to give me the urge to pant like a dog and smile, waiting for someone to come out of the bank.

I think I digress.

Nevertheless, this cracked window apparently provided an exit for this sniffle because I am breathing better now that I am outside and the eye has gone from watery to twitchy. This is progress.

The hair still remains.

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