Taste Test.

Taste Test., originally uploaded by iMachias.

I once drove 14 hours in one direction to taste the McRib for the very first time. It was being advertised on WGN and since WGN is in Chicago and I had a few days without work on my schedule, I took the plunge and drove the 12 hours or so to give the McRib a try.

I only had to drive as far as Gary, Indiana.

That was 20 or so years ago. This past week I was driving home from work and noticed on the new McDonalds sign outside of the freshly renovated McDonalds near work that they now had a “BBQ Chipotle Bacon Angus Burger” as the new McTaste McSensation. Naturally I had to give this a try. So I invited my best beau out on a date tonight and we went to a nearby store to give it a whirl.

Quite tasty. This could lead to a very unhealthy addiction. I hope these burgers are for a limited time only.

I reloaded my Arch Card, usually reserved for iced tea purchases, with an extra week’s worth of cash just in case of an addiction emergency.

The burger is quite nice and actually didn’t feel like I was eating anything unhealthy. Earl pointed out that it was basically a McRib with beef instead of pork, so I suppose that’s the reason that I’m lovin’ it. (Notice how I worked that slogan in right there). Not only did I find it tasty but I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it wouldn’t bind me up like the other McTreat I enjoy does, that second burger being the Cheddar Melt.

The McDonalds we went to tonight is owned by a different owner than the store near work so it doesn’t have the new spit shine on it but they’ve spruced up the inside and the help is less surly. It’s a start.

But I’m really lovin’ this new burger. Highly recommended in moderation if you’re into that sort of thing.