December 26, 2010


Anniversary Photo., originally uploaded by iMachias.

Today Earl and I are celebrating the 14th anniversary of our commitment ceremony. It was a cold, windy day on December 26, 1996 when we stood out on Penn’s Landing, along with Rick and Helen, and said some homemade vows and exchanged our rings. There were tears, there was laughter and there was a “toot toot” from a passing boatload of Marines. Even though it was the day after Christmas, our ceremony was festive all unto itself.

And that festivity has never stopped.

Up under my picture in the right hand column of my blog it mentions that I still see fireworks when he walks into a room. That statement is still so very true. No other person in the world can make me blush and smile the way he does. When my spirit soars, it soars highest because he’s right there beside me, supporting me and loving me along the way. I may be bald and much of his red may have been replaced by grey and lord knows we have had some adventures together but what’s most important is that everything we’ve done, we’ve done together. I am truly blessed to share secrets with this man and yet we hide no secrets from each other. We finish each other’s sentences, we sometimes try to out stubborn each other but it’s all based on a strong foundation of truth and most importantly, undying devotion and love. They all said it would never last. The funny thing is, we’ve only just begun.