Yuletide Cheer.

As this holiday season progresses, I’m realizing that perhaps combining the holidays with the departure from my job at the same time wasn’t such a good idea. Especially when it comes to eating healthy. Let’s take a look at today’s meals. I think it would be risky to think that I kept my caloric intake below a five digit number. I was deluged with cookies, pizza, wings, rigatoni, sandwiches bathed in mayonnaise, cookies, candy, Lindt Chocolate, mini muffins, maxi muffins and volumous amounts of Doritos all before lunch today. After grazing for a half the day, barking at a few callers who dared call the technical support center with a technical question and then trying to stifle a well-earned burp during said phone calls, the department manager pulled me aside to tell me that he was going to be out tomorrow and all next week and he’d really like to take me for a few beers after work in appreciation of my contributions to the group.

Even though I’m feel like I should be waddling instead of walking, I must say that I really enjoyed the beers I had with my manager. He’s a great guy and I look forward to keeping in touch with all the folks I worked with.

After I got home from work and the happy hour, I told Earl that I needed something to eat (?!?!?) so we went out to one of our favorite haunts. Trying to keep it light, I had a salad with chunks of buffalo chicken on it and a helping of greens. To keep in spirit with today’s festivities, I chased it all down with two more beers.

Now I’m ready to call it a night. Let’s see how I do with the leftovers tomorrow.

By the way, I thought I’d be trés creative with my contribution to the office party, so I brought our popcorn popper, some oil, popcorn and very gay movie-theatre style popcorn containers and served popcorn as an appetizer for my co-workers. I thought that would make my mother, who regards popcorn as three or four of the major food groups, very proud.