I never had the chance to meet Sam Storicks in person. We had chatted through Facebook and Twitter on numerous occasions, usually one liners here and there; I also followed his DJ gigs at various bear events all over the western part of the country. I kept tabs on his music selection and the specific remixes he chose for his performance sets. His commentary on the human experience often made me laugh out loud. He said things I wish I had the balls to say.

Sam’s partner found him unconscious on the 18th and he passed away Friday night. He would have been 31 in September.

I had always wanted to meet him for several reasons; even though he was 10 years my junior he was a better DJ than me and he had a great ear for music. He spun at gigs that I only dreamed of spinning at. And from what I have read from the hundreds of comments and memories and the like on Twitter and Facebook, he had one of those unique personalities that shined brightly wherever he was. And he had one of the better bear411 profiles out there – it was genuine, just as I pictured him to be.

Rest in peace, fellow DJ and internet friend. I’m certain you’re leading the party on the other side.


  1. Would you believe that until the last week, I’d never heard of him. I’m just not in that scene nor run in those circles. But now, I see his presence in my Portland was huge. Everyone I know knew him personally. And he was always spinning at every gig in Portland. How could I not have heard of him.. Make every day count, my friend. I think that we both do.

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