One of my coworkers just bought eight pizzas for lunch for the entire office to share. That’s kind of cool. I hope to do the same with tomato pie in the near future. In the meantime I have managed to get some hooked on pistachios.

I am using my new Droid to write this entry and it is not nearly as cumbersome as trying to do it on the iPhone. I have already sold the iPhone and am quite content with my mobile technology. Some may shun me for dropping my Apple affiliation but I am more concerned with functionality vs being one of the cool kids. I don’t wear pretention well, though at times I try. If I was in school today I’d probably wear a purple slushee a la “Glee” on an occasional basis.

I have always been one to do my own thing. I’m happy that that aspect of my personality remaind constant and I continue this quest called life.