Monday Ramblings.

At the moment I am trying to ramp up the energy to head upstairs and take a shower so that I can get myself off to work on time. I’m looking forward to the drive and the workday so it’s not a matter of dread that has me not moving at moment. I actually think it’s just a matter of it being Monday morning.

I am discovering that I’m kind of getting sick of sarcasm. I can be one sarcastic bastard when I want to bed, but when it’s flung about everywhere I choose to be; in conversation, in blog entries, etc., I’m discovering it makes me a little cranky. It probably shouldn’t, but it does. I’m not thin skinned or anything like that, I’m just finding that drippy, gay bitchy, Bea Arthur wannabe sarcasm to be a little much these days.

Earthquakes are literally rocking the world, volcanic ash is spewing out from Iceland and people are getting downright crazy with their religious fervor. If I were just a tad bit crazier, I’d tell you that we are right on schedule with the “2012 entering a New Age because the Mayan calendar, the psychics and the aliens said so” stuff, but I won’t do that.

I’ll just shiny up the tin foil hat a bit.