Monday Ramblings.

At the moment I am trying to ramp up the energy to head upstairs and take a shower so that I can get myself off to work on time. I’m looking forward to the drive and the workday so it’s not a matter of dread that has me not moving at moment. I actually think it’s just a matter of it being Monday morning.

I am discovering that I’m kind of getting sick of sarcasm. I can be one sarcastic bastard when I want to bed, but when it’s flung about everywhere I choose to be; in conversation, in blog entries, etc., I’m discovering it makes me a little cranky. It probably shouldn’t, but it does. I’m not thin skinned or anything like that, I’m just finding that drippy, gay bitchy, Bea Arthur wannabe sarcasm to be a little much these days.

Earthquakes are literally rocking the world, volcanic ash is spewing out from Iceland and people are getting downright crazy with their religious fervor. If I were just a tad bit crazier, I’d tell you that we are right on schedule with the “2012 entering a New Age because the Mayan calendar, the psychics and the aliens said so” stuff, but I won’t do that.

I’ll just shiny up the tin foil hat a bit.


  1. Hey now, if you don’t like Bea Arthur, just let me know. ‘Cause she’s one of my most favorites. And, yes, I’m afraid that I’m guilty-as-charged for the sarcasm charges. I try to keep them funny as opposed to negative and snarky. But it doesn’t always work. Have a great week!

  2. You know, it’s just silly this whole volcanic ash thing. People are kicking off as if it’s the airline’s fault. We haven’t had any “wrath of god” stuff over here, but we have had the “well I am *stranded* in [insert location here] and what is the government going to do about it”. Nothing. YOU chose to go on holiday. Just extend for a few extra days and enjoy the additional time. You’ll get home and your boss will probably have to let you have some extra days due to the problem. Relax!

    But I can relate to what you mean about sarkyness. I am quite sarcastic at times and while it can be funny it can also be annoying if done ad infinitum.

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