The Subway (sandwich shop) closest to the office gets a lot of my business. They are the healthiest choice around for the days that I don’t pack a lunch and they are always busy. This store is situated in the only mall nearby (which has six stores) and is owned by a beautiful straight couple who appear to be hardworking. I like their attitude and their dedication to the store. Plus they’re not bad to look at and they also honor the Subway card points system where I basically get frequent flyer miles.

I always eat the same thing; I ask for a meal deal that includes a six inch veggie on wheat with no cheese and the red vinegarette dressing. I opt for baked chips and unsweetened iced tea. One day when my work badge was hanging out the wife noticed my name and now she calls me by name each time I pay for my order. I like that. She even does it when my badge is in my pocket as I tested my theory.

I was telling someone that part of why I’m enjoying my new job so much is because I’m working in a smaller town where people just seem nicer to me. Whenever I go to the Subway near the house I’m always grateful to get what I ordered without a side of spit. God they are surly at that store. Half the time you can put your tray on top of the trash bin when it’s time to go because the tray is stuck to the dirty table. That’s why we don’t go to the Subway near the house very much.

The new job has me working in a town that hearkens back to my days of growing up. Ironically, I now work for the same telephone company that serves my hometown. When I was in second or third grade I remember wondering what it would be like working for the phone company in our small town.

Now I know.