There was a big announcement at work today. I have been waiting with bated breath since Tuesday for this announcement. By the way, what the hell is bated breath? Or is it baited breath? Does it having something to do with bait? Bate? Sardines? Minnows?

Anyways, the big announcement came in an e-mail AND the weekly company newsletter.

I won the office chili cook-off!

That’s right… with a lot of help from Earl Monday night, my crock pot of chili was deemed the tastiest by my peers. Since no one dropped dead and there didn’t seem to be any linger odors the afternoon after the tasting I think that’s a pretty smashing thing. All the entries were good as I did the right thing and tasted them all. I was a little confused as to how this was working because some people brought there chili in on Monday and one person brought in some sort of soup on Thursday but the bulk of the tasting was on Tuesday and everyone did a great job.

I’m going to share a little secret – Earl and I basically made the chili topping we used to use at the restaurant back when we did that sort of thing for a living. I’m glad to see that the recipe held up well.