I had some personal time this morning so I am currently sitting at the local Panera enjoying a nice lunch on a beautiful day. It’s cold since it’s still February and all but the sun is shining brilliantly and my mood is following that lead. This is a good thing.

Since I had some time off I took a ride through the local countryside to clear my head a little bit. I have mentioned before that I enjoy wide, open spaces. I like being able to see the neighbor’s house even though it’s a half mile or so away. It would be even better if I was looking across a lush, green pasture but I can handle a snow-covered landscape.

While the mountains and rock cuts and such are pretty to look at, they’re not really my thing when it comes to a living environment. I would feel very confined and cramped living in the bottom of a valley, especially if it’s a narrow passage; I liken it to living in the likes of a big city such as Downtown Boston, Center City Philly or Manhattan. I attribute this to growing up along the Lake Ontario lake plains at the foot of Tug Hill (along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario). Living on top of a mountain where I have a long view, on the other hand, would be very nice.

This Panera is emptying out a good pace. Because of this, the wi-fi is speeding up. On the other hand a woman just shrieked in glee (and it was a startling shriek) because they now have pasta at Panera. Um, it’s macaroni and cheese.

I like that Panera is posting calorie counts on the menu now. They should include fat grams but perhaps if they did that there would be more startling shrieks.


  1. So, the wi-fi is THAT sensitive that it speeds up/slows down with just those few people on it? Wow.
    And, hey now, don’t bash mac and cheese.
    My favorites are still: the mediterranean sandwich and the grilled tomato/mozarella pannini

  2. I always liked Panera, but haven’t been there in forever. They had a turkey/artichoke sandwich that was always my favorite.

    Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

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