Geared Up.



So I should be sleeping right now. But I’m not. Sunday nights are always a rough night for me to sleep. It’s just always been that way. I don’t know why.

I started falling asleep around 10:30. That’s when my pager went off for the first time today. It was a false page: I received notification that a customer’s service was down and then two minutes later I received a notification that it was back up. In the meantime, I checked and saw that the service never went down. How I enjoy false pages. It was just a reminder from the on-call gods that I am still on call and will be for 8 1/2 more hours.

I think that’s why I’m keyed up. I feel great. My body is (seemingly) back in sync with Mother Nature’s clock, courtesy of the end of that damned Daylight Saving Time. I relaxed by going for a spin in the Jacuzzi earlier. Earl made a great Sunday dinner for us and I was able to resurrect an old computer and turned it into an iTunes server for the house. Things are good. I feel like it’s been a good weekend, despite the electronic tethering to the house.

I should be sleepy now. But I’m not. I have Lady Antebellum’s “Lookin’ For A Good Time” running through my head. Perhaps I’ll look up the video on YouTube and see if watching the video will stop the music playing through my head.

Yay! I found the video on YouTube, even though embedding is disabled by request.